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Tuberculosis Treatment Guidelines: Medical vs. Natural Methods

Tuberculosis Treatment

Tuberculosis facts are rather astounding in terms of the seriousness, spread and odd latency of the condition. It is a very serious illness, although an active and often life threatening infection may only occur in one out of every ten people who carry the infection. The remainder of infected people remains asymptomatic without any of the tuberculosis symptoms that accompany the condition. Unfortunately, in those that do develop the serious and active infection, half of all untreated cases may end in death

Tuberculosis Vaccine Schedule, Benefits and Side Effects

Tuberculosis Vaccine

Tuberculosis is a serious infection that in most cases affects the lungs. In these cases, it may be referred to as pulmonary tuberculosis, and the associated symptoms may include those of the respiratory symptom, as well as other generalized symptoms of the condition such as fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss and night sweats. Since nearly ninety percent of all tuberculosis cases affect the lungs, tuberculosis symptoms almost always include coughing, and sputum containing streaks of blood or coughing up blood may occur