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Tuberculosis Vaccine Schedule, Benefits and Side Effects

Tuberculosis Vaccine

Tuberculosis is a serious infection that in most cases affects the lungs. In these cases, it may be referred to as pulmonary tuberculosis, and the associated symptoms may include those of the respiratory symptom, as well as other generalized symptoms of the condition such as fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss and night sweats. Since nearly ninety percent of all tuberculosis cases affect the lungs, tuberculosis symptoms almost always include coughing, and sputum containing streaks of blood or coughing up blood may occur

Top 10 Diseases that Cause Blood in Phlegm

Blood in Phlegm

Coughing up blood can be a rather confusing (and alarming) symptom. On one hand, it can be caused simply from bleeding in the mouth or nasal area. Blood from these areas becomes mixed with the mucous or phlegm that is coming up from the respiratory tract, giving the appearance of blood in phlegm matter, without necessarily disclosing the origin. Oddly enough, it is also not uncommon for blood tinged phlegm to be found in people who are suffering from certain types of gastrointestinal troubles as well