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7 Shocking Facts about Leaking Heart Valve Condition

Leaking Heart Valve

Valves exist in the heart in order to allow blood to get from chamber to chamber as part of the body’s circulatory process. Certain conditions can affect the way these valves function which can lead to complications. These maladies are known as heart valve disease, and mitral valve stenosis is one such condition. It is characterized by the narrowing of the mitral valve, that which is responsible for allowing the flow of blood from the left atrium to the left ventricle. In mitral valve stenosis, this decreased blood flow can lead to health concerns

Mitral Stenosis Symptoms – What to Watch out for?

Mitral Stenosis Symptoms

The left ventricle of the heart is considered the main pumping chamber, and the blood that comes into this chamber gets there by passing through a part of the organ that is called the mitral valve. Sometimes, this valve becomes narrowed (which is also referred to as ‘stenotic’). This condition is referred to as mitral valve stenosis, and it is often caused by rheumatic fever or strep related infections.

In addition to the narrowing of the mitral valve, heart valve leakage can

Top 10 Diseases that Cause Blood in Phlegm

Blood in Phlegm

Coughing up blood can be a rather confusing (and alarming) symptom. On one hand, it can be caused simply from bleeding in the mouth or nasal area. Blood from these areas becomes mixed with the mucous or phlegm that is coming up from the respiratory tract, giving the appearance of blood in phlegm matter, without necessarily disclosing the origin. Oddly enough, it is also not uncommon for blood tinged phlegm to be found in people who are suffering from certain types of gastrointestinal troubles as well