7 Herbs for Bronchitis Relief in Your Nature’s Medicine Cabinet!

Herbs for Bronchitis Relief

Bronchitis is one condition that comes it two types, acute (short duration of a few days to up to three weeks) and chronic (a minimum of three month duration recurring two years in a row or more). The condition is characterized by the inflammation of the mucus membranes in the bronchial passages to the lungs. Coughing (sometimes bad enough to lead to coughing up blood) can occur when the swelling and thickening become excessive as the smaller airways become overly narrowed or even shut off entirely for periods of time. Home remedies and herbs for bronchitis, lifestyle considerations like extra fluids and rest, and occasionally medication are all considered varied or combined approaches to treating the condition.

Bronchitis treatment in otherwise healthy people in fact mostly revolves around symptom management and promoting healing through lifestyle because the truth is that many times, bronchitis is caused from a virus and thus antibiotics are useless. With a doctor’s permission, cough syrup or other over the counter remedies may be used as bronchitis treatment however, to help control coughing and mucus production. This is where herbs for bronchitis and other alternative healing methods may be valuable as they promote symptom reduction, genuinely the only form of treatment available in many cases of the condition.

In the case specifically of bacterial bronchitis however, antibiotics may be recommended for proper and successful treatment, and they may be considered if other treatment methods are not leading to symptom improvement or the condition is longer lasting than anticipated. This is because without them, the bacteria may continue to grow and thrive and worsen the condition. However, even if antibiotics are indicated for treatment, home remedies for bronchitis like herbs and other alternative measures can still greatly contribute to symptom reduction in some cases.

Natural remedies for bronchitis can not only help to bring about symptom relief, they also may lead to a reduced course of illness in some acute cases of the condition. Additionally, they offer other benefits such as a reduced risk of side effects in some cases when compared to some over the counter medications. When combined with relaxing activities like meditation and yoga which can improve breathing and increase oxygen flow, symptom relief can be even more enhanced. It is important however to understand that while natural remedies for bronchitis can provide less risky solutions to symptoms, there are always side effects to be concerned about with all types of acute or chronic bronchitis treatment. This includes potential drug interactions, allergies and other hazards related to the natural compounds and chemicals contained in herbs, seeds, nuts and plants. As such, herbs for bronchitis and other natural remedies should only be used by healthy adults, after a consultation with a healthcare provider to ensure safety, and they should not be used to treat bronchitis in children.

We have compiled a list of the best bronchitis busting herbs to consider that can help to diminish symptoms and even speed recovery time in some cases, and for repeat sufferers of the condition, they can make all the difference in the world.

Pelargonium Sidoides1. Umcka

Made from Pelargonium sidoides, this African herb derivative is thought to be useful in the prevention of bronchitis and even sinusitis too. Not only this, but small and preliminary studies have suggested that it may also shorten recovery time and allow sufferers to return to work and normal activity up to two days sooner.

Turmeric 2. Turmeric

Known as one of the most powerful and potent anti-inflammatory spices, it is no wonder that turmeric is considered one of the very best herbs for bronchitis. Traditionally part of the medicinal arsenal of many cultures, turmeric is thought to help relieve the inflammation that leads to the uncomfortable sensations that bronchitis can cause.

Holy Basil3. Holy Basil

In India, holy basil has been used to treat inflammation in the lungs for many, many years. Chewing on the raw leaf is thought to be the most effective use of the herb, although it may be tougher to obtain in this form. Health food and whole food stores however may be good resources to acquire the raw leaves from.

Trikatu Churna4. Trikatu

This actually refers to an herbal mixture as opposed to a single herb as dried ginger, black pepper and long pepper (sometimes with other herbs added) might be an effective symptom reliever for bronchitis when mixed together. These herbs for bronchitis may boost the immune system and help to decrease congestion as well as provide a mental uplift with stimulant properties.

Malabar Nut Tree5. Malabar Nut Tree

The Malabar nut tree is also known as vasa, and the tree’s benefits can be enjoyed by chewing raw leaves or taking extract made from them. It is centuries old Ayurveda remedy used in India to help with respiratory problems. It serves as an anti inflammatory and may be used with holy basil for added benefits.

Garlic Spice6. Garlic

Garlic may be best known for being a culinary enhancer, but the truth is that the pungent clove is nearly as useful in medicinal applications. When ground or chopped or even mixed with honey, garlic can yield potent antiviral and antibacterial properties. An inhalation of freshly minced garlic kills virus and bacteria in respiratory tract.

Thyme Herb7. Thyme

After sprinkling it on a turkey, use it for something medicinal! Thyme is rapidly rising as a purported pick for one of the best herbs for bronchitis because of its ability to reduce coughs and the production of mucus in some studies. Using it in tea provides added symptom relief.